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The successful implentation of the Zeous Power Module into the Turbinique Wind Engine V9 will now make the stand-alone 24/7/365 food production Saturnae Micro Farm 100% viable.

This micro farm will enable all people with disposable space / land an opportunity to manufacture their own self-grown vegetables in a method and manner which will allow direct access to controlling ones health and vitality.

Food-borne illness will be the thing of the past. Your wallet will become more fat due to negating purchasing food any longer.

You will become far more independent of the machine that controls the global economy.

Expect this project to move forward rapidly.

Saturnae Micro Farm

Here at Saturnae Micro Farm
we have designed a fully self contained micro green house farm module with extended growth cycle as an add-on.

This module will serve you for decades of award winning harvests which can be generated on a weekly basis.

The Food and Drug Administration  and other commercial entities do not have our best interests at heart.

We constantly read and see the latest food-borne illness outbreak on the news on a far too recurring sequence.

It is up to us to safegaurd our food supply.

With a Saturnae Micro Farm you can harvest weekly all year long in ANY climate!